Working interactive tabletop display prototype projects onto mist, allowing to ‘reach into’ the display space and manipulate 3D content with gestures - video embedded below:

MisTable is a tabletop system that combines a conventional horizontal interactive surface with personal screens between the user and the tabletop surface. These personal screens, built using fog, are both see-through and reach-through. Being see-through provides direct line of sight of the personal screen and the elements behind it on the tabletop. Being reach-through allows the user to switch from interacting with the personal screen to reaching through it to interact with the tabletop or the space above it. The personal screen allows a range of customisations and novel interactions such as presenting 2D personal contents on the screen, 3D contents above the tabletop or augmenting and relighting tangible objects differently for each user. Besides, having a personal screen for each user allows us to customise the view of each of them according to their identity or preferences. Finally, the personal screens preserve all well-established tabletop interaction techniques like touch and tangible interactions. We explore the challenges in building such a reach-through system through a proof-of-concept implementation and discuss the possibilities afforded by the system. 

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Wayne Barlowe’s Hell-themed artwork

I love how weird he gets with this ish. 


2K Games and Gearbox announce Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Gearbox and 2K today announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a standalone expansion pack of sorts for Borderlands 2.

Check out the announcement trailer here.

PRE-ORDER Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - PC

Smack that bitch out the VIP.


Life-Sized Titanfall Titan in Berlin

Titan Tour: Berlin - Atlas Titan Betty takes over Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof

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That’s some rock star shit that will never get to heaven.
You could live like me, but you’ll be dead at twenty-seven.





Crimea’s Attorney General Spawns Anime Fan Art

One day I want to find an essay discussing the popularity of making modern political figures into anime characters that have Japanese tropes.

For you,

Yesss, I am a fan of this.

Rose Tattoo by Dropkick Murphys from the album: Signed and Sealed in Blood


Dropkick Murphys - Rose Tattoo